Business Websites: The 3 Main Objectives

authority building

Attract Prospects

Use SEO and content to get found by your customers in search engines like Google and Bing

demonstrate value

Demonstrate Value

Use quality design and branding to demonstrate authority and increase the perceived value of your products/services


Technical Proficiency

Enjoy a fast, easy to manage website solution that's customized to the specific needs of your business and industry

High Performance Web Development

Your website is a highly visible asset, capable of generating significant value for your business.
7 and 8 figure businesses are routinely built entirely on the back of a high performance website.
We’ve spent thousands of hours reverse engineering and testing a website solution capable of unlocking this kind of value for your business.
high performance website design chart

Attract Prospects: The SEO Jump-Start

SEO has evolved rapidly over the past 4-6 years...

Mainstream SEO techniques (link building etc.) aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be.
Local SEO and content optimization are your two best  opportunities for developing a traffic pipeline. The SEO Jump-Start is crafted to maximize these opportunities.
seo jump start

The SEO Jump-Start


Keyword Research

We determine the terms (i.e keywords) your prospects use in search engines.

thumbs up

Content Optimization

We optimize your website / content to show up in as many of those searches as possible.

Keywords: Open New Customer Streams

Keywords are the terms your customers use in search engines.
Every keyword is an opportunity to generate a new organic stream of customers.
We’ve found a wide variety of techniques for finding and exploiting the best keyword opportunities.
keyword plan

Finding Keyword Opportunities

1. Keyword Mining
We dig up all the different ways your prospects search the internet:
keyword mining process
2. Keyword Analysis
goldilocks keywords
We analyze thousands of keywords according to their relevance, search volume, and competitiveness.
Then we reduce the list to your business’s best keyword opportunities.
We call these best-opportunity keywords “Goldilocks Keywords.
3. Authority Clusters
We map your Goldilocks Keywords to a knowledge graph and structure your website accordingly.
This clustering acts as an authority signal to Google.
It boosts your SEO performance by indicating that your website is a topical authority.
keyword knowledge graph

Content Optimization: Your SEO Workhorse

Over the past four years, machine learning has given search engines immense power to understand your website’s content.
Nowadays, search engines can tell whether or not your content is unique, comprehensive, and high quality.
Properly optimized content generates traffic and builds website authority. Through content, we can transform your website into an SEO powerhouse.
content optimization nuclear weapon

Creating Masterful SEO Content

1. Generate Content Briefs
We’ve partnered with best-in-class content optimization tool Marketmuse to generate content briefs with semantically relevant topic clusters, questions, and sources.
The purpose of this content brief is to ensure quality, breadth,  depth, and uniqueness.
content brief
2. Niche SEO Copywriting
copywriting content and seo
The briefs are forwarded to our vetted network of Canadian/American niche copywriters.
Our writers are highly skilled at crafting content that fulfills both of your SEO and marketing/copywriting goals.
3. Final Optimization
Your content goes through 2-3 revisions – all aimed at maximizing its SEO and marketing potential.
Content is re-scored and re-optimized in Marketmuse, structured with HTML tags, and integrated into your website’s authority cluster.
gp content guide

Local SEO: Exert Your Influence

Google assigns a “zone of influence” to local businesses.
Your businesses a receives an SEO boost for searches coming from within this zone.
We optimize your website to exert and expand your local zone of influence.
zone of influence geogrid

Exerting Your Zone of Influence

Citations database
A citation is a mention of your business across various industry and listing websites.
High quality citations increase your local prominence and expand your zone of influence.
We’ve developed an extensive database of citations to improve your local SEO performance.
citation building 2
Geo identifiers are the various methods Google has for understanding your business’s location.
This ranges from social media optimization, Google my business profile setup, and establishing a location page.
We’ve discovered a number of techniques for optimizing your site with the correct geo-identifiers.
Geolocation icons on a world map and phone map symbolizing geo-identifiers
Content localization
We use Marketmuse to add a local dimension to your content – this is a lesser known but powerful way to enhance your zone of influence.  
Photo titled "local content strategy" linking Marketmuse to a computer screen

Demonstrate Value: with Design, Branding, and CRO

Visual Messaging: Marketing to the subconscious

Web design is a potent form of digital marketing.

Attributes like value, quality, and positioning can be communicated visually – in an instant. Visual messaging is the art of communicating desirable traits about your business through design.

Humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

So instant judgements are made about your business based on your website’s design.

For the most part, these judgements bypass our critical faculties and occur without conscious awareness.

coffee brand package
coffee shop tab and mobile

Design is a way to "brag" about your business in a way that might otherwise sound exaggerated if stated outright.

The essence of our visual messaging strategy: Create a high quality design that combines the desireable positioning in your niche with a touch of uniqueness.

Integrated Branding: The Credibility Cloak

Business owners often feel that comprehensive branding is only for large corporations. But this widespread belief is the exact reason why it’s so effective: Branding instantly drapes you with the legitimacy of the most highly reputable businesses.

A strong brand identity is the instant acquisition of credibility and authority.

Unfortunately, most web developers think branding is just picking out some colours and a logo. This simplistic approaches to branding won’t bring you any added credibility.

We ensure your brand is intricately woven into your website in a way that is consistent, creative, and subtle. This perfectionism and attention-to-detail ensures the “feel” of your brand is continually evoked and strengthened.

responsive salon website

Conversion Optimized Design

Every aspect of a business website should work synergistically towards one goal: bringing you customers. This means it must work seamlessly within your customer’s journey.

A “conversion” is when a website visitor takes a desired action like calling or making an appointment. A website should maximize every opportunity to convert potential clients into leads/customers.

The percentage of visitors that convert is known as the “conversion rate.” “Conversion rate optimization” (CRO) refers to the set of techniques we use to maximize the conversion rate.

The benefits of CRO cannot be overstated: A 1% point increases in conversion rate can have an outsized impact on your business’s bottom line.

An important way to increase conversions is to minimize the user’s effort / cognitive load: If navigating your website is an effortless and intuitive experience, visitors will be far more receptive to your marketing messages.

As a marketing-focused web design agency, we have a great deal of experience building landing pages and sales funnels. This work has allowed us to develop a potent arsenal of conversion optimization techniques, which we make sure to build into your website’s design.

conversion funnel

Mobile Optimization

The Rise of Mobile

Mobile traffic has come to dominate the internet. In response to this, Google recently announced  a shift towards “mobile first indexing.”

Put simply, this means your mobile website is indexed as your “main” website. So from both a traffic and SEO perspective, mobile design is critical.

You will hear many web developers bragging about building “responsive” websites. But all this means is that your site’s content ‘snaps’ to different sizes.

optimize every digital experience on all devices
good vs bad mob design

The Art of Responsive Design

Mobile users interact with websites in a fundamentally different way. Good responsive mobile design optimizes your website’s interface for this change in interactivity. Basic web design principles regarding size, layout, and  page structure need to be completely re-thought for mobile.
Fundamental web design principles with regard to size, layout, and page structure require a completely difference approach on mobile.
Mobile Design vs. Desktop Design
Input Zones

Every time a user has to change their grip or switch to two handed use to take an action on your site, you increase the likelihood that they will leave.

Input Precision

It’s more difficult to take precise actions like selecting text fields on mobile.

Size and Distance

 It’s easier to adjust your viewing distance on mobile – by simply moving your hand closer/farther – than it is to adjust zoom, which requires two fingers.

Pixel Density

Mobile screens have high pixel density and it’s easier for people to adjust viewing distance.

Technical Proficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Then you’re our typical client! Most of our clients already have the proverbial “glorified business card” website. They’ve come to learn the hard way that standard web development and SEO services aren’t moving the needle in their business – and they’re in search of something more.
Almost certainly, the answer is yes. We follow the principle of assumed proficiency. So if it comes standard in a modern websites, you can assume you’ll benefit from it as well.
We’ve worked insanely hard over the past year developing this website solution – and the skills to carry it out. That said, we understand we cant do everything ourselves. Luckily, we’ve vetted our own network of highly skilled freelancers to help with various components of your project.
It varies based on the complexity. Our average project costs around $5000. 

Simple projects with fewer content requirements can be done for less (car washes, photographers etc). Larger projects cost more: specifically, projects requiring professional writers like law firms and plastic surgeons.
If your business has the capacity for more customers, get in touch with us anyways. Occasionally, we’ll offer discounts if there are time gaps in our schedule. We can also offer various financing options and payment plans.
And, as long as you’re weighing the cost of hiring us, don’t forget to weight the cost of not hiring us. We fully expect every business owner to achieve an ROI from working with us – many times over. Life has never been more ‘digital’ than it is now. And It’s likely that your website is the main face of your business. So it’s never been more important to establish a thriving digital presence.
Practically every web developer out there offers packages that charge you per “page.” This practice doesn’t make any sense (how are you supposed to know how many ‘pages’ you need?) Our approach is much more sensible: We independently analyze each business and prescribe exactly what we think you will need to succeed.
Our high-performance website solution is one of the best SEO services on the market.
We used to offer a standalone SEO service, but we found that almost every client had some web development issue that first needed fixing. For example, most web developers build websites without doing proper keyword research. In these cases, websites need a complete restructuring to properly benefit from SEO.
In the end, we realized that its better to develop a complete solution designed around your business goals. So everything we do is designed to work synergistically towards those goals. If any one component of the ship is missing, the whole thing could sink.
Also, SEO has changed dramatically over the past 4-6 years. Most SEO services are primarily ‘link building’ services. And, while links can be helpful, these days it’s content that moves the the needle.
Click here for a deep diver into our SEO process
Yes, of course. This is the type of thing that falls under our’assumed proficiency’ principle.
This is a big project and we’re a small team. Expect your new website to take 3-5 weeks, depending on how busy we are.


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